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The risk to your business grows with each decision made absent of input from experienced peers. 

Other high-performing CEOs are hungry to share insights and improve their odds of success. So, it’s easier than ever to share fresh ideas, objective feedback, and support. And you can bet many of your competitors are doing just that. 

It has not always been practical for small businesses (<$20M annual revenue) to participate in CEO peer groups. But we've put over a decade of CEO peer group expertise to work and developed NEXUS specifically for small business leaders taking on big challenges.

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No Travel Requirement

As a NEXUS member, you'll have full access to our private peer consulting network, our CEO Summit, 1 on 1 advisor sessions, group meetings, and webinars---all available with no travel requirement.

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NEXUS provides over 30 hours of peer group and advisor access each year, and 8+ hours of individualized focus on solving your business challenges.