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Our CEO Project members run large enterprises with revenues ranging from $20M to over $2 billion in annual revenue. They're humble learners who are committed to continuous improvement and legacy impact. They have control over their schedule, so they can travel and meet the requirements of membership. And they come from a broad range of companies based on size, business model, and industry. In fact, business diversity is one of the unique characteristics of our approach - as many groundbreaking ideas come from lateral thinking from other industries.

We have a national membership of about 100 CEOs who are formed into non-competitive groups of 8-10 members. Our small group size, compared to other CEO peer organizations, ensures each member receives plenty of time on the critical issues that can drive their businesses forward.

Our CEO Peers members run smaller businesses (<$20M annual revenue). It is not always practical to participate in CEO peer groups. But we've put over a decade of CEO peer group expertise to work and developed CEO Peers specifically for the small business leaders taking on big challenges. This program still brings the world class feedback, but without the travel requirement.

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How It Works:

Curated Peer Groups, Expert Mentors, Results

Peer Group Meetings

We thoughtfully assemble non-competitive CEOs of similar caliber with similar
challenges. Everyone is accomplished,
humble, and willing to share and improve
each other’s thinking and fast-cycle
personal development.

Monthly One-on-One
Mentor Coaching Sessions

Our advisors are current or former CEOs
with success across a range of industries. They’ve faced similar challenges, know
the burden of making tough decisions,
and have helped hundreds of CEOs grow
from good to great.

Results Oriented Approach

We focus on solutions to business issues that our CEOs are facing.
Preparation for Succession
Operating Under New Ownership
Sale of the Business
Roundstone Insurance
Phoenics Electronics
JW Logistics
Phillips Tube Group
Werner Electric Supply
Southern Spars
Defender Direct
Bennett Water Systems
Fortris Foods International
Global Analytics