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As a member of Inc. CEO Project, you join the highest caliber of peers, matched with the most experienced advisors, to work through a proven system of growth and achievement. 

We’re not for everyone, though. Our membership is carefully curated to include highly competent CEOs with strong track records of growth in their industries. Each one is run through a selection process to make sure they are a fit. 

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Good Company

Our members run large enterprises with revenues ranging from $20M to over $2 billion in annual revenue. They’re humble learners who are committed to continuous improvement and legacy impact. They have control over their schedule, so they can travel and meet the requirements of membership. And they come from a broad range of companies based on size, business model, and industry. In fact, business diversity is one of the unique characteristics of our approach – as many groundbreaking ideas come from lateral thinking from other industries. 

Kinetix Growth Strategies
Phoenics Electronics
JW Logistics
Saddle Creek Logistics
Phillips Tube Group
Werner Electric Supply
Southern Spars
Defender Direct
Bennet & Bennet Irrigation Systems
Peloton Consulting Group
Fortris Foods International
Global Analytics


Member Groups

We have a national membership of more than 100 CEOs who are formed into non-competitive groups of 8-10 members. At any given time, we have 10-15 peer groups in operation. Our small group size, compared to other CEO peer organizations, ensures each member receives plenty of time on the critical issues that can drive their business forward.



The total time commitment is between 64 and 92 hours per year of focus on business improvement, personal development, and camaraderie. This is 2-3% of a typical CEO’s working hours after the hour commitment. The approach also results in greater discretionary time, which aligns with our concept of being a “lazy CEO.” It’s such a beneficial membership, most CEOs stay engaged for 5+ years. Some have even been with us for more than 10 years. The most common reason someone stops participation in the CEO project is a successful financial exit.

Quarterly Peer Group Meetings

  • 2 days per quarter, including travel
  • Members are expected to attend, having completed their homework, ready to engage
  • Peers hold each other accountable for quality input and action between meetings
  • Members agree to host one meeting every 2 years at their HQ or another location

One-on-one Monthly Phone Coaching Sessions

  • 8 - 12 hours per year
  • Advisor and member mutually determine interaction type and frequency
  • Prep of Decision Blueprint™
  • Scorecarding and ongoing tracking of results

Full Membership Summit

  • Once every 2 years (optional)
  • CEO members, alumni, and selected guests are invited to this exclusive event
  • Meet other high-performing CEOs and cultivate relationships beyond casual networking
  • Gather compelling CEO-specific content from nationally recognized speakers



The path to membership is highly selective, but relatively simple. There are five steps that are often completed within a matter of weeks:


The process starts with a one-hour interview with one of our partners.


Once you’re approved, you’ll be assigned to a group based on company size, life stage, challenges, industry complexity, and prior CEO experience.

Work With Your Advisor

You’ll prepare for your first meeting, prioritizing opportunities and challenges that will have the greatest positive impact.


These are signed prior to your first meeting and annually upon renewal. Groups with publicly traded companies also sign a non-trading agreement similar to board of directors.

Attend First Meeting

As a trial before committing to the membership, you’ll meet the members of your group. If both sides agree to go forward, you officially become a member.

If you’re a CEO who is driven to achieve profitable growth for your company, while raising your own level of performance, let’s talk!